Since 1876, Marco Danese Jewelry has practiced the ancient art of filigree, enhancing it with new techniques while conserving the process’s integrity of entirely hand-made work.

In 1954 the Master Goldsmith Tigellio Danese, son of Giovanni, the founder of the family’s filigree tradition, opened a shop for filigree work in the nearby city of Monserrato, teaching the wonderful art to Marco Danese, Master Goldsmith and owner of Marco Danese Jewelry.

In Sardinia, the artisans of the Danese family are among a very few heirs of those who, long ago, contributed in many various ways to the evolution of the art of filigree.

In the 1990s, Marco Danese Jewelry opened a filigree school for young students interested in the great tradition so appreciated in Sardinia as well as throughout the world.

Among the students of Master Goldsmith Marco Danese is his son, Tigellio, who carries on the ancient family tradition.

Marco Danese Jewelry
Marco Danese Jewelry

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